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We're sunsetting our end-user portal and apps

We have an important update for our registered users. In short:

  • In order to focus on our software offering for corporate clients (corporate.thescope.com), we are switching off our curated news portal on December 14 2018
  • Our web app for readers at thescope.com, the mobile apps for iOS and Android, and the email digest (our morning newsletters with the curated news from the previous day) will no longer be updated or sent out.
  • You don't have to do anything.

If you should have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us: support@thescope.com. 

Want to know the details?

We've got quite a story on how this all came about. Our company was founded in 2012 in Lugano, Switzerland and called "NewsCron SA". We started off by scraping articles from hundreds of different news platforms like newspapers and blogs). These were then at a later point hand-picked by (human) curators and delivered via our mobile apps. In 2016, we moved the company to Zurich and decided to focus on machine-discovered, hand-curated content. We grew our user base and expanded to deliver the content not just via mobile app, but also email and our web app. Yet we could not find a way to monetise this offering. 

So we started focusing on corporate customers, who not only licensed our software to be present on the Scope platform, but found value in distributing it via their own channels. In 2018 we won over 25 new customers who discover new articles and then use this content for their website, email newsletter and their Social Media channels. And we realised we are spreading ourselves too thin if we try to keep both products alive, the curation software (Scope for business) as well as the platform for curated news (Scope for readers).

We offered our existing curators to continue using the platform at a discount, so you can keep following them via different channels. Each curator will communicate in their last selection on which channels they can be found. We'd like to thank all of them for their excellent work they have done in the last years. We will keep their selections online for a while, but discontinue the option to register and log in to an account, and we will take the mobile apps from the app store. 

We are sad to say good bye to Scope for readers, yet are looking forward to the energy that we can now put into the business offering, the content curation suite for companies.

Thank you for your loyalty as a reader and have a great start into 2019. 



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