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Our Team


Dr. Peter Hogenkamp

Peter joined Scope as an investor and board member in January 2014. He subsequently took over duties as CEO and Chairman. He has been an active member of the Swiss online industry for 20 years, launching Zeix AG and Blogwerk AG. From 2010 to 2013, he served as Head of Digital Media at NZZ-Mediengruppe. He doesn’t drink coffee. Weird, we know.
Reto Kleeb

Reto Kleeb

Reto joined Scope in August of 2016. He looks back at an extensive history of software projects in various fields. Besides his software related interests, he obsessively listens to podcasts and would like to be a much better runner than he currently is. Reto holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Northeastern University, Boston.

Reto Vogt
Head of Content

Second Reto joined Scope in March 2019. He's got ten years expierence as an editor and published his articles both print and online. He knows how to write a good text, and how it finds it's audience on every channel. Besides the job he's interested in football (it's not called soccer!) and his twin boys.

Kristina Kaufmann
Customer Success

Kristina lives in Switzerland since summer 2018. Since then she loves the varied landscape and culinary delights of the country every day. Kristina helps our customers with Discovery, Curation and Distribution. Thanks to her enthusiasm for many topics, every project is a new adventure. She is equally happy about praise and criticism, because even painful feedback lets her grow.

Laura Feldmann

Laura joined Scope in late 2015 to keep everything running smoothly. She holds a master degree from the University of St. Gallen and has been working for a major management consultancy in London, Munich and Sydney before focussing on her family for the last few years. Laura is convinced about the value of information, the specialization of labour and her hole punch.

Franz d'Huc

Franz has over 20 years of experience in accounting and advising Start-Ups like JOIZ, Webrepublic and Adwebster as external CFO and Executive Coach. He is working part-time as our CFO.

Christian Antonetti
Product Manager


Samuel Schweizer
Sales Assistant

Samuel is boosting the sale of our software since 2019 and is at the same time in the final spurt of his business studies at the University of St. Gallen. He likes to spend his free time in the handball hall or travelling.
Stojan M. Končar

Stojan M. Končar
Backend Engineer

Stojan is our Backend Engineer from Belgrade, Serbia. He has a Master in Computer Engineering and Informatics from the University of Belgrad and since then has been gaining experience in different areas of web development. He is working with Reto on our servers, data base and on many other code backends that you will never see but notice if they don’t work.

Djordje Mijatović
Backend Engineer

Djordje is a Java Backend Developer based in Belgrade, Serbia, who works daily with Reto and Stojan. He is an early adopter. Djordje has 8 years experience as Java full stack developer. He has a Bachelor in Computer Engineering and Informatics from the University of Belgrade, Serbia.

Uroš Avramović
Frontend Engineer

Uroš is our Frontend Engineer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is working on our new fully responsive webapp and takes care of the curator console. He has a degree in Computer Science and a cat and a dog.

Want to get in touch?

We’re happy to hear from you. You can contact everyone via email firstname.surname@thescope.com and hello@thescope.com.
Even more information to get in touch with us you’ll find here.


Our Board


Jürg Stuker

Jürg Stuker has been a partner since 1999 and was until recently CEO of Namics AG, Switzerland’s largest digital agency, which grew during his tenure to around 500 employees at six locations in Switzerland, Germany and Serbia. For years he has been considered one of the most important Swiss Internet pioneers. In 2017 he became member of the board at Scope.

Jens Alder

Jens Alder is a former CEO of Swisscom and has been a professional member of the Board of Directors of Alpiq, Goldbach Group and CA Technologies for ten years. In June 2018 he was elected to the Scope Board of Directors.

Andreas von Gunten

Andreas Von Gunten has been an Internet entrepreneur from the very beginning, currently active with his company buch & netz, and most recently chaired PARX, the Salesforce integrator he founded, with 80 employees. In 2017 he became member of the board at Scope.

Want to work with us?

We are currently looking for support in Sales, who requires fluent German.
Feel free to just email us your CV and why you would like to join us: hello@thescope.com.


A brief history

A brief history of Newscron, Niuws und Scope:

2011: Elia Palme develops a research project as part of his ETH dissertation, creating an aggregator-app, initially named Nüwsli, later Newscron. With the help of the app, users can put together their personal newspaper: the app searches through 250 national and international newspapers, to find only the news that could present an interest to the user. The region of the news, as well as the section the news are coming from can be chosen by the user.

2012: In autumn 2012 Elia, together with Roberto Plato and Patrick Lardi, founds Newscron SA in Lugano. The company receives the support of several private investors in Tessin.

2013: Newscron wins many awards for technology, among others the renowned De-Vigier Prize of 100’000 CHF.

2014: Newscron receives in January substantial funding from a Business Angels’ network in Zürich. The board of directors is reorganized. Throughout the year it becomes obvious that the originally planned Freemium business model for the Newscron App is not working as planned, due to the fact that the paid premium version is undersold. After reviewing the strategy the board of directors decides to enhance the existing technical offer by introducing the handpicked curation done by experts.

2015: In January the Niuws App is launched offering handpicked news by 15 curators, each curating a specific topic (box). The number of curators reaches approximately 50 by the end of the year.

2016: Peter Hogenkamp acquires the majority of shares in February. Elia Palme privately acquires the initial Newscron App. In May the company moves to Zurich, settling its office at Rötelstrasse 15. In the meantime the Niuws product becomes more than an app, extending its availability to different platforms and receiving a new name: Scope (thescope.com). In September the company itself is renamed to Scope Content AG and its brand new responsive website is built from scratch and launched.

2017: Scope gains new users every day, but does not grow at the pace needed to make the end-user platform a viable business. However, corporate customers love the curation software and thus Scope launches its business offering: a content curation suite for content marketers goes live on the last day of the year. Jürg Stuker and Andreas Von Gunten join the Scope Board.

2018: Whitelabeling wins! Thanks to the new focus, over the course of the year, Scope wins more than 25 new corporations and associations to use the SaaS curation suite for all kinds of communication needs, from Content Marketing via Lead Nurturing to Internal Communications. Jens Alder joins Scope's Board of Directors. In October, the board decides to shut down the B2C platform by the end of the year to exclusively focus on the fast growing B2B business.
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