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«I know a few sources like RSS feeds and newsletters, but where can I find new and interesting content for my audience?»

Our software searches various online media channel and delivers results based on your keywords.

You can add RSS feeds, conduct web searches, add sources from social media, and even your colleagues can help you by saving  interesting links straight to our discovery module, for your to have all articles in one place.



«Ok, I have a longlist of articles now. What's next?»

You pick a selection of about 3 to 5 articles to publish based on your knowledge about your target group.

Once you take a close look at the suggested articles, you will be able to  judge the quality based on aspects like source, length and originality. You will know which article is most relevant for your target group. Each article can be commented and thus linked to your brand or product story.

If you want us to help you with the curation process, we have a team of experienced curators who can help you with the process.


«There are so many channels to publish to… How can I reach my target group without any copy & paste efforts?»

We distribute your content to your newsletter, website or social media channels with one click

You can integrate your content into your existing newsletter, or we help you set up your email channel from scratch. In addition to this, every selection of articles can be sent to your website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing, and many more. You can also opt in to publish your content on the Scope network, to reach a high-value audience via our web and mobile apps.


Your target group

«So who wants curated articles?»

Our clients address various internal and external segments. We can show you some case studies for the following target groups:

Stay in touch with your existing customer base by regularly sending them relevant articles. This will keep you top of mind for your topics. By the way: we record higher click-through rates with curated content than we do with traditional newsletters.

You collected their address through a campaign? Or someone asked for information without buying from you (yet)? Make them remember you and your services without being salesy.

Spread your knowledge internally, keep peers up-to-date and collect read-worthy articles. You can even get a feed straight to your intranet or push them straight to your Linked-in feed.

Find inspiration in our german whitepaper on how industry associations or clubs may find relevant content online and provide value to members by sharing interesting articles on digital channels.

Curious to see it in action?

We are happy to tell you more about Content Curation and to present our software to you, either during one of our webinars or in a quick one-to-one online demo.

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