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Inspire your audience with relevant content.


Scope is a SaaS platform for digital communication that integrates seamlessly into your existing system landscape. It supports companies and organizations

- to find relevant and high-quality content,

- to address your audiences more individually,

- process your own content faster and more efficiently,

- push your content to different channels,

- link your existing tools and plattforms,

- and to communicate as regularly as actually intended.

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Scope helps you – here's how

Scope supports organizations and companies to offer their customers added value with high-quality content.




With Scope, you increase the presence on your channels and also the reach of your content. As a result, you will win the attention and commitment of your target groups.


Scope enables better content marketing, which not only generates more leads but also improves your conversion rates.



Scope helps you to address your target groups more personally, and provide each segment more relevant content. 


We help you to stabilize your communication, i.g. to publish content more regularly. This will increase the loyalty of current and future customers.



Optimize the processes in your newsroom or editorial department with Scope, and save valuable resources.


This is possible by e.g. connecting Scope between your CMS and newsletter tool, fully automating manual and error-prone tasks such as copy/paste and image cropping.



With the support of Scope you are able to offer added value to the users of your software, customer portal or platform with relevant content.


This improves not only the user experience, but also the time-on-platform and other important KPIs.

Your advantages

Scope helps you stand out from your competitors, communicate more efficiently and create significant added value for your target groups.


More efficient processes

With Scope, you can publish your content faster by automating error-prone tasks such as copy/paste of content or cropping images for sending out a newsletter. This allows you to invest more time in creating your own content.


Added value for target groups

Publish content that is perfectly tailored to your target audience segments with the help of Scope Like this, they only see content that really interests them, why you are able to increase their attention for you. This sets you apart from your competitors.


More power for your platforms

Scope improves your existing platforms for content and customer management or newsletter dispatch, and reduces many manual operations to a minimum. With us, your existing tools will not become less, but better.


Lower costs and better KPIs

Creating content is expensive. If you supplement your own content with curated content with the support of Scope, you save costs and still offer your target groups significant added value, which is rewarded with high opening and click rates.

Scope at a glance

Scope provides end-to-end support from finding, aggregating, and publishing relevant content. We already support numerous input and output sources, with many more to come.

Receive high-quality content from the web, newsletters, your internal systems or from your media observer directly in Scope.
Be inspired and discover relevant content to your target groups. Simple and clear, without investing much time.
Comment on selected articles or add additional information to generate additional value for your readers.
Based on the curated articles, create quickly appealing publications such as newsletters and posts in your own CI/CD.
Plan the publication of your publications on different channels and keep track of your communication.
Publish your publications without additional effort channel-specific e.g. on LinkedIn, Facebook, as newsletter or on your website.

All important features

Lightweight in operation, heavyweight in performance.



Scope supports various input sources. For example, you can perform full-text searches in different languages with any keywords using the search engines Google, Bing or others. In addition, RSS feeds or the content from other newsletters can also be integrated. You can further import and process your own content from your content management system via API. Learn more →


With our Customer Success Team, you set up your desired sources and keyword searches with the above mentioned search engines and add further sources or terms as needed. Like this you will find the best relevant content for your target groups. You can react promptly to current developments at any time by updating existing queries or creating new ones. Learn more →





_Screen - Discovery - Import


Select the desired articles, and combine them with your own content. With your expert commentary you can add even more value. Each article can further be tagged and assigned to one or more target groups. If resources are not available, our experienced content team also offers curating as an editorial service. Learn more →


Just by drag and drop of the previously saved articles, you compile your publication. Write also an introductory text, add intertitles, images, graphics, buttons or advertising banners. The template for your newsletter is, of course, styled in your corporate identity and corporate design. Learn more →

_Project - Editor
_Project - Plan


Plan the publication of your content independently of time and channel. With Scope, you can prepare your content, and schedule it for publication in advance. For example: sending the newsletter on Tuesday, publish blog post on the website on Thursday, and plan a tweet and LinkedIn posting for Monday, Wednesday and Friday each. Learn more →


Scope integrates seamlessly into your infrastructure. We support you in publishing your own and curated content as a newsletter, on your website and social media channels or your CRM or marketing automation tool – anywhere in your corporate design. Learn more →

_Project - Publish

Our services

The following services complete our platform.



Amongst other things, Scope is characterized by its intuitive operability. But for successful use of our platform, your company needs more. That's why we are offering a free onbaording with all our customers to ensure a smooth start with it. We will configure the platform for you, that it can be used productively from day one.


It is of course possible to fetch existing content from your CMS in Scope or to connect recipient data directly from your existing CRM solution. In addition, we offer to push content from Scope to solutions such as Hubspot or Salesforce. These integrations at all points in your communication pipeline allow you to continue to use existing systems and benefit from Scope at the same time.

Customer Success

Needs and topics are constantly changing. Our Customer Success Team not only supports you in a best-possible start with Scope, it also helps you to keep the content and technical setup of the platform up-to-date.

Editorial Services

Our experienced content team knows what good content is, what fits your target groups and how and where to find the best and relevant content. We also write excellent teaser texts for web, newsletter and social media. If you do not have the time to curate content yourself, our editorial service is the best pick for you.

Are your customers still interested in your communication or are they already drowning in the flood of information?


In a meeting, we will show you how you create added value for your target groups with Scope.


Free demo

Scope briefly explained in 90 seconds

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Case studies

Find out how our customers benefit from Scope.

Create a newsletter in under an hour


With Scope you can create professional newsletters up to 6 times faster than before. This is possible because our software supports the entire process from the aggregation of content, to the compilation of a newsletter, and to its dispatch.

Member communication without resources


Many associations are struggling with decreasing resources in marketing, but still want to communicate regularly with their members, be it on the website, on social media or by newsletter. Scope makes this possible with its "Curation as a Service" offer.

Save time and money with curating content


If the production of your own content is too complex or too expensive, curated content can be a valid alternative. Scope supports you in finding content that fits your target groups and helps you to publish it on your channels.

Internal communication via e-mail and intranet


Provide your employees with relevant news about your company and their topics or expertise - and include your knowledge as a communications expert. Scope supports your internal communication.

Voices of our customers

Alwin Meyer

The Scope Content Suite is the only tool that provides me with end-to-end support for finding, adding and sending content. This is how I publish a professional weekly newsletter with less than 60 minutes effort.

Alwin Meyer

CEO, Swisspeers

Matthias Mölleney

The newsletter I compose using Scope has met with a very positive response from the 2,500+ members of the ZGP. Curating and sending is convincingly simple and even fun.

Matthias Mölleney

President «Zürcher Gesellschaft für Personalmanagement»

 Tamara Pompeo

I'm just clicking through for the first time and I'm really excited. There were four articles in the suggestions, which I would immediately send out in a newsletter.

Tamara Pompeo

Text- and concept-specialist, Pinax / Think Tank Thurgau

martin jungfer comparis

With Scope, we designed a new, regular newsletter in a very short period of time. It comes with curated content, which resulted in very good opening and click rates. The collaboration was flawless!

Martin Jungfer

Head of Content, Comparis


Biggest advantage of Scope for us is, that it allows us to adress our customers with specific and personalised content based on topics they choose.

Celeste Storchenegger

Marketing Manager, Yova

Raphael Wermuth

The internal "Digital Newsletter", which I send every Friday with Scope, is very well received. I get feedback about it being useful, to the point and interesting.

Raphael Wermuth

Head of Digital Media & Publishing, Barry Callebaut

Rouven Schellenberger

We are more than happy and will use Scope in addition to the existing meat business outlet for further daily curated trade newsletters.

Rouven Schellenberger

Editor-in-Chief Digital Media Development, dfv media group

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Deepen your knowledge

Successful newsletters

How does your newsletter become a successful tool for your content marketing? In this piece, we show you the long-lasting history of the newsletter, present its most important success factors and tell you how to maintain your address base and grow it in compliance with the law.


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Curated content

If the production of your own content is too complex or too expensive, curated content can be a valid addition. This means already existing content that fits your target groups. We explain where to find good content, how you can combine with your own content, and therefore communicate easily, quickly and cost-effectively.


To the whitepaper

(German only at the moment)

Not convinced yet? Further advantages of Scope:


- With us you send your first newsletter within the first 24 hours after signing the contract. We are ready.
- Scope is easy and intuitive to use. The onboarding takes about 60min. After that you and your team are ready, too.
- The platform works very efficiently. There are no waiting, maintenance or downtimes.
- Our Customer-Success-Team supports you at any time.

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