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Inspire your readership with relevant content.


Scope is a SaaS platform for digital communications that integrates seamlessly into your existing system landscape. It helps companies and organizations

- Find current, high-quality content

- Address target audiences more individually

- Process content faster and more efficiently

- Push content to different channels

- Link existing tools and platforms

- Actually communicate as frequently as intended

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Scope is here to help.

Scope supports companies and organizations of all sizes in offering their customers added value with high-quality content.




Scope takes your content marketing to the next level.  It increases your online presence and expands your reach, grabbing your target groups' attention and engaging them.


Through targeted content marketing, Scope not only generates more leads but improves your conversion rates.



With Scope you can address your target groups more individually and easily, supplying your readers with captivating content. 


Scope helps you stabilize your communications, publishing content more regularly and thereby increasing your current and future customers' loyalty.



Optimize processes in your newsroom or editorial department with Scope, saving valuable time and resources.


By connecting Scope between your CMS and newsletter tool, you can fully automate time-consuming and error-prone tasks such as copy/paste and image cropping.



With Scope 's support you can offer added value to the users of your software, customer portal or platform through relevant content.


This improves not only the user experience, but also the time-on-platform and other important KPIs.

Give yourself a competitive edge.

Scope helps you stand out from the competition by communicating more efficiently and creating significant

added value for your target groups.


More efficient processes

With Scope, you can publish your content faster by automating error-prone tasks such as copy/paste or cropping. This allows you to invest more time in your own content creation and to publish more often.


Added value for target groups

Publish content that is perfectly tailored to your target audience using Scope's state-of-the-art software. This way readers only see content that really appeals to them, engaging them and setting you apart from your competitors.


More power for your platforms

Scope compliments your current platforms for content management, customer relationship management and newsletter dispatch, and minimizes unnecessary manual tasks. Scope doesn't reduce the number of tools you have at your fingertips, it improves them.


Lower costs and better KPIs

Creating content is expensive. Supplementing your own content with Scope's curated content saves costs while still offering your target groups significant added value, which is rewarded with high opening and click rates.

Scope at a glance.

Scope provides end-to-end support from finding and aggregating to publishing relevant content. We already support numerous input and output sources, with many more to come.

Find high-quality content from the web, other newsletters, your own internal system or from your media monitoring service directly in Scope.
Get inspired and discover relevant content for your target groups using our fast, user-friendly software.
Comment on selected articles or add background information to generate additional value for your readers.
Use curated articles to quickly create appealing publications such as newsletters and posts in your own CI/CD.
Plan when and how to publish content on different channels and stay on top of your communications.
Publish content on different channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, as a newsletter or on your website with no added effort.

Key Features

Minimal effort for maximal performance.



Scope supports various input sources. For example, you can perform full-text searches in different languages for any keywords using desired search engines such as Google or Bing. In addition, you can integrate RSS feeds or content from other newsletters. You can also import and process your own material from your content management system via API. Learn more →


Our customer success team will help you set up optimal sources and keyword searches for any search engines you desire and add further sources or terms as needed. This way you can find the most relevant content for your target groups. You can react promptly to current developments by updating existing queries or creating new ones. Learn more →





_Screen - Discovery - Import


Select interesting articles and combine them with your own content at the click of a button. By including your own commentary as an expert in your field, you can create further added value for your readers. Each article can be tagged and assigned to one or more target groups. If resources on a topic are scarce, our experienced content team also offers curating as an editorial service. Learn more →


Compile your publication by dragging and dropping previously saved articles into your individualized design template. Then add an introductory text, titles, images, graphics or advertising banners and choose between any of our easy-to-use formatting options or layouts. Learn more →

_Project - Editor
_Project - Plan


Plan when and where to publish your content. With Scope, you can prepare your content in advance and schedule a publication date, time and channel. For example: plan to send your newsletter on Tuesday, publish a blog post on your website on Thursday and post on Twitter and LinkedIn on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Learn more →


Scope integrates seamlessly into your existing infrastructure. It helps you publish your own content and/or curated content on any channel, be it your website, newsletter, social media, CRM or marketing automation tool – anywhere, anytime and all in your personalized corporate design. Learn more →

_Project - Publish

Our Services

Scope services that complete the platform.



Scope is straightforward. Our software is intuitive and easy to use. But to offer you some tips and tricks and make sure you're maximizing our platform's utility, we offer a one-hour onboarding course for all our customers to ensure a smooth start with Scope. We'll help you set up the optimal configuration for the platform, making sure you can use our software productively from day one.


Scope allows you to show content from your CMS and integrate contact information from your CRM solution. In addition, it can push content to solutions such as Hubspot or Salesforce. Integrations like these at every point in your communications pipeline allow you to continue to use existing systems while benefitting from Scope at the same time.

Customer Success

We know that your needs and interests are constantly changing. That's why our customer success team strives not only to support you in your transition to Scope, but also to help you keep the content and technical setup of the platform up-to-date with current developments.

Editorial Services

Our experienced content team knows how and where to find the best content to appeal to your target audience. We also know how to write excellent teaser texts for websites, newsletters and social media posts. If you don't have time to curate content yourself, don't worry – our editorial services are here to help.

Are your customers still interested in your content or are they drowning in the flood of information?


We can show you how to create meaningful added value for your target groups with Scope.


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Scope explained in 90 seconds.

Case Studies

Find out how our customers are benefitting from Scope.

Create a newsletter in under an hour.


With Scope you can create professional newsletters up to 6 times faster. This is because our software supports you throughout the entire process – from collecting content, to compiling a newsletter, to sharing it with customers.

Communicate without wasting resources.


Many associations are struggling with decreasing resources in marketing, but still want to communicate regularly with their members, be it on their website, social media or by newsletter. Scope makes it possible through "Curation as a Service."

Save time and money by curating content.


Producing your own content can be complex and expensive. Curated content is therefore a great alternative that is quick and easy to implement. Scope can help you find content that speaks to your target groups and help you publish it on your channels.

Enhance your internal communications.


Scope even improves your internal communication, allowing you to provide your employees with relevant news about your company and their area of expertise via email or intranet. You can also include your opinion as  communications expert, sharing your knowledge with others.

Our Customers' Stories

Alwin Meyer

The Scope Content Suite is the only tool that provides me with end-to-end support when finding, adding and sending content. Scope allows me to publish a professional weekly newsletter in under 60 minutes.

Alwin Meyer

CEO, Swisspeers

Matthias Mölleney

The newsletter I compose using Scope has garnered an overwhelmingly positive response from ZGP's over 2,500 members. Curating and sending newsletters with Scope is simple and actually fun.

Matthias Mölleney

President, Zürcher Gesellschaft für Personalmanagement

 Tamara Pompeo

I'm just clicking through for the first time and I'm really excited. There were four articles in the suggestions that I would immediately send out in a newsletter.

Tamara Pompeo

Text and Concept Specialist, Pinax / Think Tank Thurgau

Martin Jungfer

Scope helped us design a new newsletter that we send out regularly in a very short period of time. Adding curated content improved our open and click rates. The collaboration was great!

Martin Jungfer

Head of Content, Comparis


The greatest advantage of Scope is that it allows us to address our customers with specific and personalised content based on topics that interest them.

Celeste Storchenegger

Marketing Manager, Yova

Raphael Wermuth

The internal "Digital Newsletter" that I send every Friday with Scope is very well received. I get feedback from my colleagues in communications and marketing saying it is useful, succinct and topical.

Raphael Wermuth

Head of Digital Media & Publishing, Barry Callebaut

Rouven Schellenberger

We are pleased with Scope and want to use the platform in addition to our existing meat industry newsletter to create further daily curated trade magazines.

Rouven Schellenberger

Editor-in-Chief Digital Media Development, dfv media group

Sara Fuchser

Scope is the perfect marketing tool for SMEs that want to create one or more professional newsletters with minimal effort.

Sara Fuchser

Head of Marketing, SmartIT

Christian Schnücke

By our second year we had more than covered the costs of our investments in curated newsletters. We managed to quintuple our digital revenue.

Christian Schnücke

Publishing Director, dfv Media Group

Frank Junker

Thanks to Scope we can regularly send out a professional newsletter despite our modest resources and inform our target audiences in a meaningful way.

Frank Junker

Chief Business Officer, InSphero

Cornelia Diethelm

I trust Scope and strongly recommend them to all companies and organizations that want to work with a Swiss business.

Cornelia Diethelm

Co-owner, Datenschutzpartner

Helmuth Haag

Thanks to our newsletter, about 250 mayors and local politicians in the Stuttgart area can stay up to date on news coverage, special interest media and current events. Scope helps us find, compile and publish relevant content in a really easy way.

Helmuth Haag

Head of Communications, Gigabit Region Stuttgart GmbH

Gudrun Mehring

Our newsletter helps us inform 9000 patients about important topics and developments. Scope allows us to curate content for our newsletter in an ideal way. The software is so simple and tangibly improved our previous processes.

Gudrun Mehring

Specialist for Gynaecology FMH, gynhealth

Christoph Büchli-Sen

Outsourcing communications is perfect for associations or companies without a lot of marketing resources. At Scope, you'll be in good hands.

Christoph Büchli-Sen

Board Member, Verband Aarau-Mittelland

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The Ultimate Guide to Successful Newsletter Marketing

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Whitepaper Content Curation

Curated Content

If producing your own content is too complex or expensive, curated content can be a great supplement. Our whitepaper explains where to find appealing content for your target groups and how to combine it with your own content to communicate easily, quickly and cost-effectively.


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Not convinced yet? Further advantages of Scope:


- With Scope you can send your first newsletter within 24 hours of signing the contract. We are ready to go.
- Scope is easy and intuitive. The onboarding takes about 60 minutes. After that you and your team are ready to go too.
- The platform works very efficiently. There are no waiting, maintenance or downtimes.
- Our customer success team is here to help at any time.

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