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Prices & Packages

Communicating with the help of Scope saves you time and money. Each of our packages contains all of the Scope modules, which allows you to communicate with curated content in a e.g. newsletter.

Annual licence / upfront payment

  • Users
  • Workspaces
  • Projects
  • Number of Full Text Searches
  • Social Media Channels
  • Newsletters sent via Scope
  • Newsletters sent via 3rd party tool
  • Customer Success Calls


USD 99/ month

  • 1
  • 1
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 1'000
  • 10'000
  • n/a
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USD 490/ month

  • 3 *
  • 2 *
  • 3 *
  • 20
  • 10
  • 10'000
  • 100'000
  • 2 per year
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USD 790/ month

  • 5 *
  • 3 *
  • 10 *
  • 30
  • unlimited
  • 30'000
  • 300'000
  • 4 per year
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All prices per month based on yearly license and upfront payment. The prices for monthly payment by credit card can be found in the detailed price list.

* further services can be booked as add-on




What is curated content?

The term "curation" is familiar from the art scene and originally referred to the targeted selection and compilation of exhibits for an exhibition. For some years now, it has also been used for editorial selection processes: for the bundling of articles in the form of an annotated collection of links. Today, curating is becoming more and more important because the news landscape has become confusing due to blogs, social media, corporate publishing, etc. Experts can and must provide quality control and classification through their curations in order to counteract fake news, for example.

What are useful areas of application?

Whether it’s internal or external communications across all channels, media reviews or regular updates for existing or potential customers, stakeholders or members, Scope has got it covered.
  • Daily publication of content on the website and social media, a weekly “best of” sent out by newsletter
  • Preparation of a current press review; in an internal, protected Google Doc, for instance, or an email to relevant employees. Knowledge transfer within the company from designated specialists to selected employees.
  • Integration of Scope into existing email tools or into your CMS or CRM. You select the articles in Scope and publish them from existing environments. Regular association or stakeholder communication to members and interested parties.
How does Scope help me?

Scope ensures that you always have enough valuable content for your channels that fits your target group while saving you time and resources. Scope fully integrates into your existing corporate environment and finds the best stories for you to serve your target groups with - as mentioned, via existing channels, while adhering your CI/CD (whitelabel).

From which sources does the content come?

Scope searches the web for news articles using currently four search engines (Bing, Google, Webhose and NewsAPI). In addition, we can integrate any publicly available RSS feed and search public social media postings using the aggregator Newslit. Furthermore, users have the possibility to add articles to the software via social bookmarking with tools like Pocket or Pinboard. Last but not least, we "parse" other newsletters, i.e. integrate the external links in them into the software as well. If you wish, we can connect your own CMS or your media monitoring tool as well.

What channels can I use to send content curated with Scope?

All of them. Or at least almost all of them. The prerequisite is that the desired platform - for example, an email tool, CMS or CRM - has a corresponding interface (API) that can receive content. Alternatively, you can also send emails directly from our software. In addition, we serve the most important social media channels with our software as standard.

Do I violate copyrights with Scope?

No. Our software uses the title and image of the original source, but it is always linked. In addition, the curator makes his/her own contribution by compiling several links as well as his/her own article comments. The use of the title and images is protected by the "right of citation" in the Swiss Copyright Law, Art. 25. This states:

"Published works (meaning texts, images, etc.) may be quoted if the quotation serves as an explanation, reference or illustration and the extent of the quotation is justified by this purpose."
What about articles that are "hidden" behind a paywall?

Scope cannot see "behind" paywalls. We also respect other forms of content blocking such as registration requirements and the like. However, if curators have access to curate articles, they can of course do so. If the recipients of the news feed do not have the same permissions, longer comments can be used to summarize the essence of the article in such a way that the article does not have to be read. It is also possible to add a note that the article is subject to a fee or registration.

What do I do if I get stuck?

We’re here to help you, particularly at the start; for example, we’ll work with you to put together the right search terms. And naturally we’ll also help you set up the push to your channels. The corresponding prices per license can be found in the price list.

How can I pay?

You pay annually for one year in advance. We will issue you an invoice for this.

You can also pay for the starter and team license monthly or once a year by credit card.