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Our platform for your digital communication

Our software makes your communication more efficient. With Scope, you find suitable content for your target group, supplement it with your own content, create social media postings, newsletters or articles for your website and publish everything independently of time and channel. We would be happy to show you in a personal demo how Scope can also support your company.

Receive high-quality content from the web, newsletters, your internal systems or from your media observer directly in Scope.
Be inspired and discover relevant content to your target groups. Simple and clear, without investing much time.
Comment on selected articles or add additional information to generate additional value for your readers.
Based on the curated articles, create quickly appealing publications such as newsletters and posts in your own CI/CD.
Plan the publication of your publications on different channels and keep track of your communication.
Publish your publications without additional efforts in a channel-specific fashion e.g. on LinkedIn, Facebook, as newsletter or on your website.

All important features

Lightweight in operation, heavyweight in performance:



Scope supports various input sources. You can use full text searches in different languages with any keywords with the search engines Google, Bing or others. In addition, RSS feeds can be embedded to track specific sources. Further it is possible to crawl public social media content and, last but not least, to integrate content from third-party newsletters.

Websearch with keywords

Keyword searches with services such as Google News, Bing News and others reliably deliver relevant content on your topics for your target groups.

RSS & newsletter

In order to track content of specific sources, RSS feeds and newsletters from third parties can be integrated into Scope. Our platform also supports the crawling of public social media content.

Your own content

The connection of content management systems via API allows to process your existing content within Scope in order to combine it with curated content.


With our Customer Success Team, you set up your desired sources and keyword searches with the search engines mentioned above, and add further sources or terms as required. Like this you will find the best relevant content for your target groups. You can react promptly to current developments at any time by updating existing queries or creating new ones.

_Screen - Discovery

Free sorting

The stored searches can be arranged, e.g. by subject or source – without any restrictions.

Systematic search

Instead of randomly browsing for content, the sequential execution of stored queries allows the systematic search for content.

Better results

If unsuitable or unwanted hits or sources appear in the search results, they can be easily filtered out. This fine-tuning is improving the results are constantly.

Efficiency thanks to automation

With Scope, your newsletter is ready much faster than before, e.g. in one hour instead of five, depending on its complexity. This allows you either to expand your communication or to use the time you have gained in other ways.


Free demo


_Screen - Discovery - Import

Relevant articles can be imported with just one click and are thus available structured as "assets". This allows you to process them further, for example in a newsletter, social media post or in your marketing automation system. If desired, you can show in a personal comment or teaser text why this article is relevant for your target group. Furthermore, the assets can be tagged and assigned to one or more target groups.

Delivering added value

If desired, you can use a personal commentary or teaser text to show why this article is relevant to your target groups, thereby positioning yourself as an expert on the one hand and providing significant added value on the other.

Structured information

Assets can be structured with "tags" and assigned to one or more target groups. Relevant information from the original source such as title, author, publication date and main image is saved during import.


If your company lacks the resources to curate content yourself, our experienced content team offers editorial services such as Curation-as-Service.


You can compile your publication from the previously saved articles using drag and drop. It is possible to add all selected assets with one click (bulk) to save time. Write a free introductory text, add intertitles, images, graphics, buttons or advertising banners to create a professional newsletter without any copy/paste. Publications for other channels such as social media, your website or marketing automation tools can also be compiled and prepared for publication with the same options.
_Project - Editor

Personalized design

The design will be tailored to your wishes and your corporate design, so that your new newsletter looks great on all devices and clients. If desired, several templates can be stored.

Have a look at newsletter designs created with Scope.

Ads & CTA buttons

In the flexible Scope Editor, images, text, advertising banners and call-to-action buttons can be added at any point and linked to any landing page. 

Preview & test e-mails

Before you send out your newsletter or publish the postings on social media, previews can be displayed. It is also possible to trigger test sendings of e-mails.

Internet & social media

A publication in Scope can be used to prepare tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn postings, as well as publications in a CMS such as Wordpress.

Automated publishing

Several articles can be added to a publication at the same time. Scope's bulk function helps you to save even more time and create almost fully automated newsletters.

Filter by tags or status

Filtering articles by set tags or by publication status help you to find the right content even faster when creating a publication.

Added value for your target groups

Publish content that is better tailored to your target groups thanks to Scope. Like this, your stakeholders only receive content that really interests them, which is automatically increasing their attention. This sets you apart from your competitors.


_Project - Plan

Plan the publishing of your content independently of time and channel. In Scope, you can prepare your content and schedule it for publication in advance. For example: sending the newsletter on Tuesday, publish a blog post on the website on Thursday, and plan a tweet and LinkedIn posting for Monday, Wednesday and Friday each.

Time-controlled sending

Scope supports time-controlled dispatch on all channels. Prepare content and schedule publications in advance.

Clearly structured information

See at any time which content on which channel is still being edited, already published or scheduled for publication.


Scope integrates into your infrastructure. We support you in publishing your own and curated content as a newsletter, on your website and social media channels, your CRM or marketing automation tool – anywhere in your corporate design. Send your newsletters directly from Scope or transfer them to your newsletter tool or CRM for further processing.

_Project - Publish

Publishing on every channel

Publish content from Scope as a newsletter, on your website and social media channels, or push it into your newsletter tool or marketing automation system for further processing.


When sending newsletters via Scope, we provide you with the most relevant KPIs such as open, click bounce and unsubscriber rates immediately after sending, always up to date.

Save money and get better KPIs

Creating content is expensive. If you supplement it with curated content with the support of Scope, you save costs and still offer your target groups significant added value, which is rewarded with high opening and click rates.

Our services

The following services complete our platform.


Amongst other things, Scope is characterized by its intuitive operability. But for successful use of our platform, your company needs more. That's why we're offering a free onbaording with all our customers to ensure a smooth start and to configure the platform so that it can be used productively from day one.


It is of course possible to fetch existing content from your CMS in Scope or to connect recipient data directly from your existing CRM solution. In addition, we offer to push content from Scope to solutions such as Hubspot or Salesforce. These integrations at all points in your communication pipeline allow you to continue to use existing systems and benefit from Scope at the same time.


Customer Success

Needs and topics are constantly changing. Our Customer Success Team not only supports you in getting off to an optimal start with Scope, but also helps you to keep the content and technical setup of the platform up-to-date.


Our experienced content team knows what good content is, what fits your target groups and how and where to find the best and relevant content. We also write excellent teaser texts for web, newsletter and social media. If you do not have the time to curate content yourself, our editorial service is the best pick for you.

Making your platforms better

Scope supplements your existing platforms for content and customer management or newsletter dispatch and reduces many unnecessary work steps to a minimum. With us, your existing tools will not become less, but better.

Achieve your communication goals


Nobody complains about too many e-mails, but well-done newsletters are still opened and read. Our customers achieve impressive opening rates of over 40 percent - in some cases many times higher than other mailings. We are happy to show you how you can benefit from Scope, too.


Free demo
Contact us

Alternatively you can also call us +41 44 533 00 55  or write uns an e-mail hello@thescope.com. We are happy to help.

Who benefits from Scope?


Scope supports organizations and companies of all sizes that want to offer their customers added value with high-quality content. Numerous customers from various industries, e.g. marketing & advertising, web, publishing, agencies, associations and industry rely on Scope. Most of them use our software to compile a newsletter with curated content, saving their customers the time they need to search for this content themselves.