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Scope Content Suite:
How our Software works.  

Scope supports you in communicating faster, better and more efficiently. The following videos show how our Scope Content Suite can be successfully used in your company. Four steps to the finished newsletter:


1. Find articles for your target groups


Find the best content for your target groups from various sources. The Scope Content Suite supports, among other things, the connection of RSS feeds, searching social media, reading links from other newsletters and various full text searches (including Google and Bing) throughout the web. In addition, internal company sources, e.g. from the CMS, can also be read.

Kurz-Demo Scope - EN Discovery v2



2. Load articles


Relevant articles can be imported with one click and are then available in a structured form as "assets". A commentary can be used to add a personal touch, for example why the article is worth reading. Furthermore, they can be tagged and assigned to one or more target groups.

Kurz-Demo Scope - EN Curate



3. Build your newsletter


In the editor, the newsletter can be put together by dragging and dropping the articles, and you can choose from various presentations with images of different sizes. You can place your own texts above or between the articles, set intertitles, buttons as "Call to Action" or place images and advertising banners.


Kurz-Demo Scope - EN Build & Edit




4. Publish on all channels

In a preview view you can check how the finished newsletter will look like. Various templates can be stored - for example, to address business and private customers with a different look. Afterwards you can send the newsletter directly, plan the dispatch or transfer it to your newsletter tool or CRM for further processing.

It is also possible to display the content on other channels such as your website or social media.


Kurz-Demo Scope - EN Publish



Three reasons for Scope:


Time saving: Your newsletter is ready much faster than before: in one hour instead of, say, five hours. This allows you either to expand your communication or to use the time you have gained in other ways.

Better quality: You serve your respective target groups with content that fits better. For example, by sending your private and business customers, employees, shareholders or the press one specific newsletter each - with the same amount of effort.

Cost savings: You can fall back on existing content instead of just creating your own. Since you only link to it, there is no problem with copyright. And of course you can continue to use your own existing content.


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The Scope Content Suite in detail


Content Curation

With Scope, you can find content that perfectly matches your target group(s). If desired, we can take over the entire curation process for you or suggest suitable content as a "pre-curation service". We have connected numerous sources that can be searched:




Your own content

Scope is also suitable for processing your own content, either alone or in combination with curated content. This is worthwhile for publishers or communication and marketing departments of large companies, for example, whose newsletter system is not integrated into the CMS. Thanks to Scope, all copy-paste work is eliminated. 


publish own content


Publish the content

You can send the compiled content directly from Scope or alternatively transfer it to existing newsletter, CRM or marketing automation tools for further processing. Our software is not a new e-mail tool that is intended to replace yours, but integrates seamlessly into existing environments.




Freely selectable design

The templates are tailored to you. This means that you communicate in compliance with your CI/CD, as the following newsletter designs show:


testimonials eng


Scope is very flexible when it comes to newsletter design. From 100 different newsletter designs we can display 80 out-of-the-box. 



Well-known corporate clients

Numerous customers from various sectors, e.g. marketing & advertising, web, publishing, agencies, associations and industry rely on Scope. Most of them use our software to compile a newsletter with curated content, saving the time they need to create this content themselves.

No one complains about too many e-mails, but well-designed newsletters are still opened and read. Our customers achieve impressive opening rates of over 40 percent - in some cases many times higher than other mailings.   

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