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Scope Suite. Our

What we can do for you.

We can help you reach your target groups with a minimum of resources. With the Scope Suite, you’ll find relevant articles that you can distribute seamlessly via your channels. This overview will show you how a continuous process in our software supports your communication:


You can always find the right articles for your target group.

We help you define topics, search terms and relevant sources like blogs, social media channels and newsletters. Our software then uses this for its ongoing search of thousands of sources, and constantly delivers current articles that are of interest to your target group.

Screen - Discovery


You select and comment on the best articles.

You select the most appropriate articles from the search results and write a comment for each indicating why the text is worth readers’ time, or provide a categorization or additional explanation.

Screen - Discovery - Import (1)

Build & Edit

You write an editorial and put together your newsletter.

When you want to send a newsletter, you can put it together in our editor with drag and drop, and even combine your own original content with curated elements if you want. When you come to write your editorial text, you always have the keywords and comments of the selected articles at hand.

Project - Editor

Plan & Publish

You publish the articles on your own channels.

No matter what communication channels you use (web, social media, email, blog, RSS), Scope uses consistent white-labeling and integrates into the existing environment under your brand.

Project - Publish

See also our demo videos. We show you, how you can easily create a newsletter with the Scope Content Suite.

Frequently asked questions - FAQ

What is curated content, for which industries is Scope suitable, what is the situation with paywalls and does curating infringe valid copyright law? The answers to these and other questions can be found in the most frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Roadmap und Prototyp: Scope 2020

Scope entwickelt sich weiter. Nachfolgend unsere Pläne und Ziele.

Die bestehenden Module «Discovery», «Curation» und «Distribution» werden in einer Content Suite zusammengefasst und mit einem Modul namens «Create» ergänzt. Unternehmen oder einzelne Abteilungen arbeiten künftig in einem Workspace, können einzelne Projekte erfassen sowie verwalten und werden einen mächtigen Editor zur Verfügung gestellt bekommen («Create»).


Ausserdem lassen sich Inhalte neu mit Tags versehen und Projekten zuweisen, damit sie innerhalb einer Organisation leichter gefunden werden können. Auf unserer Roadmap stehen nicht zuletzt für Corporates interessante Kollaborationsfunktionen

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Everything from one source

We will gladly take over parts of the process for you or curate on your behalf. We call these services "Pre-Curation" or "Curation-as-a-Service" and have already used them very successfully with some clients.

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